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SDS Investigators offers a real time GPS tracking service. Traditionally this technology has only been available to Government level clients. We can discreetly fit a hidden, GPS tracking device to any vehicle, machine, freight shipment, or personal property such as an item of luggage. If you need to know where someone or something is every second of the day and/or night, we can find out.We will provide a detailed report of the trackers movements and activities in real time, in UK or Worldwide.

Are you interested in knowing exactly where your employees are when they’re driving a company car or working in the field?

Are your employees meeting with your competition?

Are you leaving a high value machine or piece of construction equipment unattended?

Do you want to know where your spouse or child is when you’re on a business trip or at work?

Are you interested in knowing how fast your car is going when someone else is driving it?

Do you want to know where your spouse, child, friend or relative is going in your car?

Do you want to track an expensive cargo shipment?

Do you suspect the imminent theft of an asset or vehicle?

Do you have a lone worker in a high risk environment?

Vehicle GPS Tracking is an easy and affordable solution for monitoring vehicle movements. With a small effort we can find out where, when, how far, and how fast a vehicle has or is being operated.Our Vehicle GPS Tracking devices are available on a daily, weekly or longer term basis.The device is installed in an inconspicuous place in the vehicle. Due to the design of the item, even in the unlikely event of discovery it would not be obvious to anyone what the item was. Data is stored in both the unit and online in real time.

All clients by  must sign a Disclaimer confirming that they, or their company are the owners of the vehicle, freight or item being tracked.