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The kind of information that comes from working undercover runs the entire spectrum of health, safety and security issues. We see cases frequently about people being arrested and convicted of crimes in the workplace, such as embezzlement, fraud, assaults, sexual harassment and various kind of  thefts.

If you are an employer suspecting theft, drug or alcohol usage you can use the skills of a highly trained  undercover investigator to determine the facts and potentially prevent the loss of money or merchandise. We will do this very discretely and effectively so that you can put an end to any illegal activities within your company.

We work diligently and methodically to collect all the necessary evidence and documentation, without compromising the trust of your employees. We are highly skilled and discreet and maintaining our cover because everything rests on our ability to investigate safely and thoroughly, while remaining undetected. We are a industry leader and have access to investigators who speak various languages from a wide variety of ethnic backgrounds.

A company’s brand and reputation relies heavily on how their employees present themselves in public and conduct themselves at work. A thorough investigation can uncover both internal and external theft, fraud and any illegal behaviour, drug use, employee sabotage, inadequate security, or the inadvertent or deliberate release of  proprietary company data.

While the undercover investigation is taking place the employer may decide to seek the skills of an investigator highly trained in forensic accounting, property protection, risk management, security risks, or  technical surveillance countermeasures (TSCM) to include business intelligence.

When an employer periodically has an undercover investigation done, this will protect company interests and prevent a large-scale loss of merchandise over a period of time. Surveillance can be done on a suspected individual to uncover the facts and resolve the issue once and for all. If you have a particular suspect in mind, we can usually conduct discrete surveillance, which can include the collection of discarded items such as residential waste, which can reveal more than you would think.

When we conduct any sort of undercover investigations we liaise with the employer as well as the local law enforcement agencies when required. When wrong doing is uncovered the evidence will certainly help build a strong case and hopefully a prosecution. Any employer has the legal right to protect company assets as well as employees. You have every right to find out what is causing a decrease in profits and anything else that may be happening inside your company.

                                Undercover Investigations