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       TSCM (Bug Sweep)

Do you suspect that you or your surrounding environment maybe bugged?

Do you believe or suspect that someone has placed a surveillance team to monitor your every move?

In today’s society bugging is now common, there are many reasons why an individual or business competitor would bug you. Electronic surveillance can be highly damaging to you or your business and therefore this threat of belief of being bugged must be taken seriously.

Our Operatives are trained to the highest level and have years of experience in counter and Anti surveillance which is vital when conducting the sweeps, and you will have the peace of mind that any hidden devices will be found. There are lots of bug items on the market ranging from inexpensive e-bay transmitters to the professional bugs, we have the technology and expertise to find them all.

We have also been assigned to watch if somebody is watching you! Our team of counter surveillance operators are experts at conducting discreet counter surveillance operations to find out if, or whom, is watching you.

We offer our services at very competitive rates. Contact us for further details or to obtain a free no obligation quote.

We are registered under the Data Protection Act so all your personal information is stored in a controlled environment.