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Our agency is fortunate to have a team of some of the most experienced surveillance operatives.Our operatives are every day performing surveillance in both urban and rural locations.Conducting surveillance investigations is both art and a science. 

Our company has been operating since 2011. During that time, we have carried out surveillance throughout the United Kingdom for, legal, and corporate clients.

Our surveillance operatives have extensive knowledge of the areas they are work in, their ability to blend in, and their incredible skill to obtain video in just about every conceivable situation.

Our team is fully prepared and equipped for every assignment. We employ the latest in Surveillance equipment so our team can obtain the best surveillance results in just about any setting.

Our surveillance operatives will also be available throughout the report completion. We are always aware how situations can change, so you will always be able to talk with the operative when practicable.  We can provide an update schedule that fits your needs from the surveillance location.

Our aim is to discreetly and professionally gather evidence, and undertake thorough checks. There is no substitute for photographic evidence.

if you  need an experienced, discrete surveillance investigator, then call now at 07449342445 and receive a confidential consultation from the surveillance team.