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What Does a Process Server Do?

A Process Server is hired to give a legal notice to someone who is a party to a legal action. This person is most often the defendant. They are generally required to respond or be present at a proceeding that has been scheduled. The proceeding will be conducted before a court or a tribunal. Respondent/Defendant must receive notice, which is usually with documents in the form of Claims, Statements of Claim, Summonses, etc. Certain documents must be personally served, whereas others may be served at the home or place of employment, as long as they are of legal age.

We provide process serving for private individuals, corporations, and of course the legal community. When needed, we can arrange process service throughout United Kingdom and worldwide locations.

If you are looking for a Process Servers and have legal documents that need to be served, let us serve them for you. We will make sure that your documents are professionally served. We understand the time constraints involved, and unserved documents can result in missed deadlines. You can trust us to make sure service is delivered to even the most evasive party.

We are constantly serving all types of legal papers and documents to include, but certainly not limited to the following:

Affidavits, Non-Molestation Orders, Complaints, Statutory Demands, County Court Documents, Bankruptcy Petitions, Notice of Applications, Occupancy Checks, Petition for Divorce, Small Claims Court Documents, Statement of Claims, winding up Petitions, Summons to Court, Summons to Witness, Termination of Tenancy forms, and much more.

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