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Our forensics specialists discover and presents facts, in a methodical and technical manner. Our computer forensics expert will gather the data in a way that is presentable, accurate and unbiased.

Additionally, any extra activity that takes place after an alleged incident potentially destroys valuable evidence. Even the simple act of turning on a device may potentially destroy evidence or vital data. To ensure the best chance of a successful device forensic examination, leave your computer or phone in its current state. If it is powered on, leave it on if it is powered off, leave it off  and call us immediately.


A cheating spouse, missing child or dishonest employee may not give you the information you need – but chances are their computer, phone or portable device will. Having access to a person’s computer or digital device is like having a giant file cabinet full of information. Nearly every action performed leaves traces or footprint behind. Many of these traces cannot be seen or deleted by a normal user. A forensics investigator will uncover the pieces and compile them into a readable format for the client.


Perhaps you suspect that someone is reading your emails or personal digital documents, maybe seeing what websites you visit, thereby gaining access to your confidential information. As internet forensics experts, we can detect even the most sophisticated spyware on your computer and help you regain your privacy.Maybe you suspect that someone is using your computer without your knowledge. Known for our computer forensics investigations, we can remotely monitor user activity on your computer to determine what is happening when you’re not present.

DISCLAIMER: Please note there are legal issues involved when performing forensics. We will require proof of ownership, to prevent third party intercepts. If you or your company do not own the device we cannot perform this service under any circumstance.

            Phone and Computer Forensics