Background checks involve researching and gathering extensive information on an individual or entity. How extensive the check is depending on the needs of our client. We start by simply verifying that the subject in question, is who they claim to be.

Clients request checks for many different reasons. For the most part clients are either currently involved with or anticipate being involved with the individual or entity and have suspicions as to character, integrity, credibility, and or their financial status

A client that wants to mitigate their exposure to any potential problems and will hire a Private Investigator to conduct an extensive background check.

Completing checks is an effective tool that provides peace of mind and allows you or our company to move forward with a relationship. Often a single background check provides enough information, however if further enhanced investigation is needed, we have a solution that are designed to research a wide variety of subjects.

 Social Media Search

By far, our most requested search for pre-employment is our social media search. Everyone today has a social media footprint.  Using our unique research and analytics we can find out what a new hire has posted on line, saving your firm a potential embarrassment.

 Why not pay for a background check online?

Quite simply, they are filled with inaccurate, incomplete or contradictory information. Having a trained, educated investigator allows for a detailed and accurate search. We, we and custom tailored a service to give you the information you can count on.

 A background check done may uncover information pertaining, but not limited to the following:

 Addresses – past and present

 Aliases

 Bankruptcy filings

 Corporate ownership

 Criminal convictions (BY SUBJECTS CONSENT)

 Domain name ownership

 Insolvency

 Military background

 Neighbourhood profiles

 Property ownership

 Relatives

 True age

 Social Media




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